May 9, 2012


April 11 - May 20, at Solyanka Gallery in Moscow and arround. Movies, meetings, conferences, archives, old artefacts, new multimedia with old movies.

The full program of the International Conference "Tarkovsky. A 2012 context" can be found on the Media-Archive Tarkovsky or here:

Tarkovsky poster-exhibition on Solyanka

The title of my paper: «Матрицы времени в фильмах Тарковского» (Temporal Patterns in Tarkovsky's Movies)

Drawings for "Andrey Roubliov" by Nelly Fomina

... and books from all over the world

and the translators of those books (Kitty Hunter-Blair)

A trip to the writer's village Peredelkino
in front of the house where Tarkovsky's mother with her children lived during the war

the house, after restauration


On Pyrieva street (nearby Mosfilmovskaya), in front Tarkovsky's ex-apartment

In the photograhies: Kitty Hunter-Blair,  Marina Tarkovskaya, Rafael Llano-Sanchez, Vyacheslav Shmyrev, Igor Evlampiev, Natalia Kononenko, Fresly Mihaly, Vladimir Krasovsky and others...
It happens in and arround Moscow, more precisely: in Solyanka Galleries (indoor and outdoor), at the writers' village Peredelkino, on Pyrieva street (nearby Hotel Mosfilmovskaya)...

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